It Takes Two

On "It Takes Two" I worked as an Environment Artist, being responsible for a number of levels. This included planning, blocking out and finalizing 3D assets, set dressing, lighting and optimization.
I worked closely together with level designers on the guidance and readability of these levels, as well as working with other disciplines and artists to make sure the level had everything it needed. I've also supported other artist in creating 3D assets, polishing set dressing and set dressing for cutscene in their levels.

A huge thanks to the awesome team at Hazelight who all brought this game together and made it into an incredible experience!

The Garden - Affliction

"Affliction" is one of the levels that I was responsible for, taking the greenhouse from a rough level design blockout to a finalized level, as well as working on the flower Joy's boss area.
It's an open level where the player can approach the different areas in any order they want, hence I've worked a lot with making the different paths clear, and with the readability of the level overall, to make it intuitive to move around in.
In the beginning all the foliage is dead and wilted, but as the players go through the level each area comes alive and becomes green and lush again!

The Attic - Setting the Stage

"Setting the Stage" is one of the levels that I was responsible for bringing to a finalized level from the initial blockout, made by Karl Löwenberg.
This level functions as a hub area for three music-themed levels. As the players return to the hub, areas are added or changed in accordance to what they've done in the previous level. A big focus for this level was to define the areas of the attic, making them feel different while still keeping a cohesive feeling for the room overall. I also worked closely together with level design to make the all different paths clear and intuitive, while not letting side content distract from the main path.

The Attic - A Grand Finale

"A Grand Finale" is the last level of the game. I was responsible for this level, taking it from a rough level design blockout to a finalized level.
The focus of the level is on the mood and feelings of this narrative beats, so the art had to reflect the characters' emotional state and how it evolves throughout the level. This level is set in the same area as "Setting the Stage" that comes before it, so it was important that the levels where recognizable as the same place.

The Shed

"The Shed" is a series of levels at the beginning of the game that worked on, but was not responsible for. My work included finalizing assets, polishing set dressing and set dressing for cutscenes. As well as making sure major elements matched between the levels, to make it clear that the players are still in the same place.

The Ending

"The Ending" is the last cutscene of the game, where May and Cody have finally become humans again. I was responsible for the set dressing and creating the 3D assets needed for this scene.

Cinematics & Props

I assisted in making 3D assets for multiple levels, as well as polishing set dressing and set dressign for cutscenes throughout the game and in the credits. This is a collection of some those things that don't really fit in a bigger category.